Committees & Objectives

Audit, Finance and Corporate Governance Committee Members

This committee is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the integrity of the Association’s systems, procedures and processes; to manage business and finance risks; and ensuring the Association’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and policies. The committee is also responsible for Asset Liability Management (ALM) policy issues.

It is directly responsible for the nomination, compensation, and the overseer of the external Auditor engaged to prepare and issue an audit report on the financial statements of the Association.

It plays a key role in monitoring the component parts of the audit process and ensures that there is independent communication and flow of information between the committee and both the internal and external auditors.

This committee is also charged with the responsibility of reviewing and making recommendations of proposed changes to the Association’s Rules.

This Committee also monitors international standards of best-practice for governance, and reviews the Association’s governance procedures to ensure that it continues to exemplify high standard of Corporate Governance. Its mandate includes, inter alia:

Committee Members

Directors – John B. C Martin (Chairman), Bliss Seepersad, Mark Farrell and Stephen Allum Poon

Operations Committee Members

This committee is charged with the responsibility of directing, monitoring and ensuring the implementation of an organisation-wide information technology platform, for management transformation, and the integration of procedures and processes.

This committee is also responsible for ensuring that the Association’s offices maintain a professional image, meet all building and structural standards and comply with the requirements of all regulating agencies.

The committee is expected to play a key role to ensure the Association observes its responsibilities under The Occupational Safety and Health Act 2004.

The committee is responsible for all matters relating to Human Resources and Compensation Policies of the Association. It reviews, approves and recommends to the Board of Directors: human resources and compensation policies; the compensation structure and programmes; and the annual bonuses/incentives to employees and executive management.

Committee Members

Directors – Mrs. Joanne Prosper (Chairman), Ms. Bliss Seepersad and Leslie Clarke


This committee is responsible for the consideration and recommendations of loans for approval by the Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Directors – Leslie Clarke, Mark Farrell (Chairman), Ms. Jo-Anne Julien, Ms. Bliss Seepersad and Leslie Clarke

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