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Saving Accounts

Our Savings Account allows you to deposit and withdraw funds at any time while earning interest on your savings. Invest now and watch your money grow.

Features of investment:

Fixed Deposits

This investment guarantees your principal and offers an attractive rate of return over a specific period of time.

Features of investment:

RANGE ($) Present Break Rate
$5,001 - $100,000
$100,001 - $250,000
$250,00, - $500,000
Above $500,000

Subscription Shares

This is the flagship account of the Association. A subscription share is an investment certificate that carries a future face value. This unique medium term investment account is designed to allow members to save for a specific future need. The matured share value can be put towards your children’s education, the down payment on a house, car or vacation expenses. Subscriptions shares can be paid for in advance either monthly, quarterly or half yearly. Subscription shares will mature when the credit to the share account reaches the aggregate face value – this is achieved from the accumulation of the member investments plus compounded dividend.

How can this investment be used?

Types of subscription shares available:

Face Value - (each) monthly investment
$10 per share
$20 per share

For instance:- A maximum purchase of shares to the value of $500,000; one can acquire 200 @ $10.00 – $2,000 monthly contribution or 100 @ $20 shares – $2,000 monthly contribution.

Benefits to the member include:

Share Loan

Collect a cheque in less than 24hrs. You can qualify for a loan using your existing shares as collateral.

Features of investment:

Why would you want to deplete your investments?

CUNA Caribbean Insurance Family Indemnity Plan

Types of plans available

plan type premium benefit
$52.80 monthly
$79.20 monthly
$105.60 monthly
$158.40 monthly
$211.20 monthly
$343.20 monthly
$528.00 monthly

Down Payment Savings Plan

The TBLA Down Payment Savings Plan (DSP) is a customized saving plan that brings together Mortgage Finance Counseling and Goal Setting.

What is the TBLA DSP Used for?

The TBLA DSP is an account to save for the down payment of land, house and mortgage related fees.

How can I sign up for the TBLA DSP?

Make an appointment to meet with a  Mortgage Officer. A Mortgage Pre-Assessment is conducted by the Mortgage Officer to determine the savings goal. Deposits can be can be made monthly, quarterly or half yearly in accordance with the original application. LINX, Salary standing order, and deposits over the counter are all accepted.

Can DSP Joint Accounts be opened?

Relatives, Engaged and married couples can come together and save towards the down payment of their future home through opening a DSP Joint Account.

How are dividends paid on shares?

Dividends are credited twice yearly on accounts for the period January 1 – June 30 and July 1 – December 31

Will I receive a statement on the account?

Statements are issued twice yearly on accounts for the period January 1 – June 30 and July 1 – December 31st. So that shareholders can keep track of the performance and fund balance.

What is the shortest period I can have a DSP account?

The shortest term for a DSP is approximately two (2) years; The longest term is approximately 7 years.

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