All About Mortgages – Webinar

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Are you interested in building apartments, purchasing land or a property?

* Do you get confused when you think about mortgages?
* Do you know what a pre-assessment entails?
* The various mortgage rates, the downpayment, the term of a
mortgage loan?
* Steps for applying for a mortgage loan.

TBLA would like to invite you to our webinar;

Date: Friday 4th October 2019.

Time: 12noon – 1pm

Venue: A comfortable area that you would not be disturbed and can hear clearly.

TBLA would like to hear from you and respond to all your queries.

To register your interest, email and you can also send a maximum of two questions.

A special token would be given for the question with the most likes on the day.

We look forward to connecting with you.

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