Sponsorship & Donations

At TBLA we welcome applications from individuals and organizations for support in terms of projects and the organizations involved.

Sponsorship guidelines

We do have a limited budget and although we would like to fund all applications, it is not feasible at this current time.

Sponsorship is “the payment of a fee or payment in kind by a company in return for the rights to a public association with an activity, item, person or property for mutual commercial benefit”.

Sponsorship is a business agreement, not a gift. Sponsorship is not a donation with nothing in return, or a discount for normal goods or services.

We will

  • Consider all sponsorship requests in an open and equal way and measure the request against our sponsorship evaluation criteria.
  • Only consider sponsorship agreements with organizations whose products, services and values align with the strategic objectives and values of TBLA.
  • Require evidence of how sponsorship income is used.

Sponsorship evaluation criteria

Sponsorship proposals are evaluated against six general criteria. These criteria have been developed to ensure that TBLA establishes sponsorship relationships that will mutually benefit it and the receiving organization.

Proposals/ requests are evaluated for:

  1. The applicant is a member of TBLA.
  2. Tangible benefits associated with the partnership
  3. Opportunity to create long-term value
  4. Ability to reach targeted audiences and build relationships
  5. Positive exposure for the TBLA brand
  6. Potential for long-term, sustainable partnership or relationship

Sponsored projects are required to:

Display the TBLA brand on any legal publicity – this includes Social media, website, brochures, advertising, exhibition materials, signage, information packs, etc – but the publication must be approved by TBLA at least seven days before publication

  • TBLA name in full and abbreviation must be mentioned in all press releases and media activity
  • Make available materials or reports produced as part of the project to TBLA
  • Showcase our products and services. We would expect exhibition space at any event we sponsor.
  • To provide a certain number of free tickets for TBLA management & staff to attend the event.

Timeline for processing application:

  • Proposals are reviewed on a regular basis. The requesting organization should hear from TBLA within  three to four weeks of receipt of the inquiry. If there is a need for additional information, TBLA will contact the organization directly.
  • Applicants must allow 4 to 8 weeks between application and the sponsored event to provide time for negotiating agreements and to enable TBLA to appropriately plan its participation.

Sponsorship application checklist

Things we need to know before making a decision:

Sponsorship & Donations Form

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